About Me

Hi! I’m Whitney, a wife and mom of 2 kiddos. I love coffee, Target, cookbooks (I read them like novels), watching Parenthood, and good food.

Like most families, we stay busy. My husband and I both work full-time, take our kids to activities, and volunteer in the community. Plus, we’re building a house (like actually doing all the labor ourselves!), and my 11-year-old daughter has started her own baking business Kait’s Cookies and More!

As much as I love cooking, spending hours in the kitchen just isn’t feasible at this stage of life.  I want to feed my family as much real food as possible, so I rely on quick and easy ways to get food on the table. I like knowing what’s in our food, and where the ingredients came from.

What can you expect to see here?

  • Lots of healthy recipes, and occasionally some not so healthy recipes. We love our fruits, veggies, pure maple syrup, coconut oil, and chia seeds, but sometimes we also enjoy butter, sugar, and white flour.
  • Photos taken with my iphone seconds before we dig in.
  • Recipes that have earned a spot on our “family favorite” list- the ones I’ve made over and over. Most of the recipes are not my own creations- they come from cookbooks, or food bloggers, but have been adapted here and there to fit my cooking style.

When my kids are grown, and cooking for themselves, I want them to be able to come here and find the recipes they love! I hope some of these will become family favorites for you as well!